Biometric based web security using ridges

Biometrics References Biometrics Biometrics is the automated method of recognizing a person based on a physiological or behavioral characteristic.

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By adding a subsystem to existing biometric recognition systems, we can simultaneously achieve the security of cryptographic technology and the error tolerance of biometric recognition. Many companies market speaker recognition engines, often as part of large voice processing, control and switching systems.

The process of converting the data into a form that cannot be understood by unauthorised individuals is known as encryption whereas converting the data back to its original form so that it can be understood is known as decryption.

The technology needs little additional hardware by using existing microphones and voice-transmission technology allowing recognition over long distances via ordinary telephones wire line or wireless.

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And, the added encryption makes it virtually hacker-proof. Also, cloud based biometrics is managed by a cloud service provider and is available on demand. Laboratory techniques Although there are hundreds of reported techniques for fingerprint detection, many of these are only of academic interest and there are only around 20 really effective methods which are currently in use in the more advanced fingerprint laboratories around the world.

Although cloud computing provides various advantages such as reduced cost, increased throughput and ease of use, one of the biggest challenges to this technology is security.

Bythe Chinese historian Kia Kung-Yen remarked that fingerprints could be used as a means of authentication. Mayfield is an American-born convert [43] to Islam and his wife is an Egyptian immigrant, [43] but these are not factors that should have affected fingerprint search technology.

Conclusion We have discussed in this article that biometrics is a very powerful authentication mechanism that provides enhanced security to cloud applications making it accessible anytime and anywhere. CBEFF describes a set of data elements necessary to support biometric technologies in a common way independently of the application and the domain of use e.

In this scheme, the cloud users register with three fingerprint templates of their choice and assign a single digit for each of the three fingers.

The method must deliver accurate results under varied environmental circumstances. It promotes and encourages exchange of information and collaborative efforts between users and private industry in all things biometric. The advantage biometric authentication provides is the ability to require more instances of authentication in such a quick and easy manner that users are not bothered by the additional requirements.

The technology works well in both verification and identification modes in systems performing one-to-many searches in a database. The characteristics must be easily collectible and measurable. In addition, registering the biometric feature values of the original biometric data to the biometric device for certification may encounter the following threats.

People use passwords and other authentication methods to protect these collections of personal and potentially confidential information. Most speaker verification applications use text-dependent input, which involves selection and enrollment of one or more voice passwords.

The procedure for capturing a fingerprint using a sensor consists of rolling or touching with the finger onto a sensing area, which according to the physical principle in use optical, ultrasonic, capacitive or thermal captures the difference between valleys and ridges.

This recognition method uses the iris of the eye which is the colored area that surrounds the pupil. Only one file e.

Secure Method for Biometric-Based Recognition with Integrated Cryptographic Functions

Overall, the tests contained a total of 48 incorrect identifications. Later, inKim et al. This approach can thus authenticate the user's identity without requiring the user to remember multiple passwords.

Therefore, authentication based on hand shape can be an attractive alternative due to its unobtrusiveness, low-cost, easy interface, and low data storage requirements. By modelling the distance between neighboring points, the fingerprint can be imaged at a resolution high enough to record all the necessary detail.

Received Jan 30; Accepted Apr It can frequently be found in physical access control in commercial and residential applications, in time and attendance systems and in general personal authentication applications.

New York State has overpeople enrolled in such a system.


Biometric-based authentication applications include workstation and network access, single sign-on, application logon, data protection, remote access to resources, transaction security, and Web security.

The proposed method combines biometrics matching to achieve cryptographic functions, such as encryption, authentication, identification, signature, hash, and key generation, which can be used in banks to replace IC cards, seals, and other means of dual identification, thus ensuring privacy, integrity, nonrepudiation, and so forth.

Cartridge case with an applied fingerprint Scanning Kelvin probe scan of the same cartridge case with the fingerprint detected.

This is sometimes called "one-to-many" matching. Error tolerance in biometric data matching. Ambient noise levels can impede both collection of the initial and subsequent voice samples.

Iris scanning devices have been used in personal authentication applications for several years. The hope is that this instrument could eventually be manufactured in sufficiently large numbers to be widely used by forensic teams worldwide.

Biometric Based Web Security Using Ridges of Fingers

While fingerprint identification was an improvement on earlier anthropometric systems, the subjective nature of matching, despite a very low error rate, has made this forensic practice controversial. Hand and Finger Geometry: The various technologies used to process and store voiceprints includes hidden Markov models, pattern matching algorithms, neural networks, matrix representation and decision trees.

The patterns of friction ridges and valleys on an individual's fingertips are unique to that individual. This paper proposes a new biometric authentication method with the security of cryptographic technology, simultaneously achieving the functions of cryptographic technology and biometric recognition.

This method is very simple to implement through the addition of a subsystem to existing biometric systems. Biometric Security System on Laptop Computer Using Fingerprint-based Power Switch Description of the Title The study sought to devise a system to protect every laptop computer from hacking and unwanted file sharing due to usage without permission by unauthorized users.

Biometric security is a security mechanism used to authenticate and provide access to a facility or system based on the automatic and instant verification of an individual's physical characteristics.

Many security measures have been developed to verify the user login identity for web sites in areas such as e-government, banking, and e-learning. Some of these security measures are single use passwords, to login with identity information.

Enhanced ATM Security using Biometric Authentication and Wavelet Based AES Ajish Sreedharan 1 1Assistant professor, Department of Computer Science and. is a platform for academics to share research papers.

Biometric based web security using ridges
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How Biometric Authentication Is Transforming the Security of Cloud Computing